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A stubborn, old skipper refuses to accept the demise of Norwegian sealing. He gathers a motley crew and sets out on a hazardous journey through the polar ice

Ocean, ice and bitter cold in a seemingly untouched corner of the world. A crew who can only trust each other in the kingdom of polar bears and sudden storms. Until now this has been an annual ritual for the obstinate, ageing skipper Bjørne and his first mate Espen.

In the beginning of the 20th century, more than 200 Norwegian sealing vessels were active, now there’s only one ship left. Massive international condemnation and the EU ban on all imports of seal products has almost wiped out the industry. But the skipper and his first mate refuse to give in. With a motley crew of greenhorns and old-timers, they set out on the dangerous journey into the polar ice. They are the last seal hunters of Norway. 

PÅ kino 17.mars
As raw and shocking a film as it’s possible to imagine about a dying way of life, where dinner doesn’t come from Tesco’s but rather out of the mouths of polar bears...

Ruaridh Nicoll, editor, The Observer Magazine



Koko Film is a production company for documentaries, established in 2013. Based in the Arctic meteropole Tromsø, Northern Norway, we aim to make local stories for a global audience. We are warm, but prefer getting cold – and like raw and smelly projects. We do producing, directing and cinematography. 

Gry Elisabeth Mortensen grew up on a diet consisting of whale meat and codfish, on a barren island in Arctic Norway. While Trude Berge Ottersen is a domestic southerner from a farming family. Together they are Koko Film. On set they’re teamed up as co-directors, while Gry does the soundwork and Trude director of photography. They are both educated within anthropological filmmaking, and make films with a relevant and captivating story.




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It started in 2010. Trude, who was then a vegetarian, got to know some young sealhunters and through their enthusiasm for their profession her fascination was aroused. In spring 2015 the two women in Koko Film boarded Havsel, Norway’s last sealer ship. Living for two months on this 33-meter-long vessel, out at sea, together with a motley crew of sealhunters was challenging and exciting - personally and professionally.


We became one of the crew, shared their everyday tasks and took part in their work on deck. Showers were rare and blood-stained wool-underwear became our uniform! The unknown, intimate and bizarre environment we found ourselves in was full of contrasts – visually and emotionally. Red blood on white snow, noisy engine in quiet nature, the small man in the huge landscape. Life on board was much more than just hunting. It was a moving experience, filled with companionship, sharing of ancient traditions – and a lot of drama.


We call our film an action documentary for a reason. It was a dangerous journey; we came across hurricanes, accidents, engine-problems, polar bears and an unexpected termination of one sealhunter’s career. It has been an unforgettable journey. 


Journeyman Pictures

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«Ishavsblod»-koffert med selkjøtt bortvist fra Trondheims-hotell

March 10, 2017

Fiskeribladet skriver om Kokofilm ved filmfestivalen Kosmorama i Trondheim.

Herlig ny norsk dokumentar om den siste seljakta .

March 09, 2020

Adressa anbefaler dokumentaren «Ishavsblod – de siste selfangerne» på kosmorama

Game over for Norges siste selfanger

February 19, 2017

Intervju med Bjørne Kvernmo, kapteinen fra Ishavsblod, og Koko Film.

Ekko blir med styrmann Espen Brandall i kahytten av Havsel

February 12, 2017

Radio reportasje om Ishavsblod - Norges siste selfangstsesong.

Vant TIFF med tatoveringer, rævkrok og dater...

January 22, 2020

Nærmere 100 filmer vises under TIFF hvert år. Hvorfor ble akkurat «Ishavsblod» den store vinneren som «alle» snakker om? 

Godt norsk på TIFF

January 20, 2020

Birger Westmo fra P3´s Filmpolitiet anmelder Ishavsblod som den beste norske filmen som ble vist under årets Tromsø Internasjonale filmfestival var dokumentarfilme

TIFF 2017 dag 4: En super festivaldag med Ishavsblod

January 19, 2017

Stemningsrapport fra Tromsø Internasjonale Filmfestival dag 4, med anmeldelser av filmene ISHAVSBLOD.

Damene elsker selfangerne

January 17, 2020

Torsdag er det endelig premiere på «Ishavsblod» under TIFF. Men gjennom hele uken har selfangerne blitt nedrent av SELfie-gale folk.

Viktig og rørende dokumentar om den siste selfangsten

January 01, 2020

Itromsø gir terningkast 5 til filmen. Les hvorfor!

 NRK Distriktsnyheter Nordnytt

November 16, 2016

SEALERS -ONE LAST HUNT's director and producer Gry Elisabeth Mortensen Trude Ottersen talked to Norwegian tv NRK about the world premiere this coming Saturday. 

Norway's seal hunters hang up their clubs

February 15, 2017

BBC writes about the movie Sealers- One last hunt, and the dying industri of sealhunting. 


November 15, 2016

Dutch THAT'S GAMING writes about SEALERS - ONE LAST HUNT film and video installation

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